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Our Guarantee Guarantee
If you are taking an TT online services class ("THEFT TALK"™) because of a court, probation or other legal requirement and the class is not accepted by the judge, probation officer or other person legally requiring it, TT Online Services™ will refund your money in full with written proof of decline. An acceptable "proof of decline" must be provided on official department/agency letterhead and signed by the judge, probation officer or the other legal entity requiring the class. Your refund request must be received within 60 days of purchase.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to confirm with the court, probation office, or your attorney as to whether this online class will satisfy your requirements.




Refund Policy
Online Class: Refund requests must be made within the first 30 days of your purchase. If you wish to receive a refund please discontinue the use of the service you purchased and contact "THEFT TALK"™ to request a refund as soon as possible. If you have not begun any of the lessons ("Begun" means, opened or changed your lesson/course status to declare "In progress" or "Completed") included in your purchase a refund will be issued once:
a) an explanation for the purchase and need for the refund has been provided and
b) a request has been received by "THEFT TALK"™

If you have begun any of the lessons ("Begun" means, opened or changed your course/lesson status to declare "In progress" or "Completed") any refunds will be granted at the sole discretion of "THEFT TALK"™.

If you are dissatisfied with the service provided, you are strongly encouraged to contact "THEFT TALK"™ either in writing, by email or phone to express your dissatisfaction. If, in the opinion and sole discretion of "THEFT TALK"™ your concern or reason for dissatisfaction is warranted a full or partial refund may be granted.

Workbook US Mail Class: Once the workbook has been mailed, there will be no refund.

You are encouraged to contact "THEFT TALK"™ if you have a concern or dispute with any issue or service involving "THEFT TALK"™.


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