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Correspondence Class


"THEFT TALK's"  Correspondence Class for juveniles or adults who need to complete a theft class / theft school.


"It was fast and easy.  I was treated with respect, not judged - they seemed to really care!"


What:  A Correspondence theft class completed through postal mail.

Who:  For adult or juvenile clients who need to complete a theft class, required by a court / probation officer / retailer / school / other persons, or for anyone who wants to get help on their own.

When:  Anytime, at your convenience via postal mail.

Program description:  This program is for people across the nation who have been involved in any theft related offense. In this course, we will explore the offender's thinking and behaviors, while also discussing victim awareness and personal responsibility.  This course is appropriate for mandated clients who are required to attend theft counseling/classes or for those seeking help on their own.

Fee:  $85

Before beginning this Correspondence Class, you may want to verify that it meets the criteria set forth by your Judge or other person requiring completion of this sort of course. 

The expectations of the on-line class include the following:

       Paying for the class. You can pay on-line or mail a check.  (Click here to pay)

  Responding to preliminary questions in your "THEFT TALK" workbook.  (Upon payment you will be mailed a workbook with a set of preliminary questions to answer.)

  Working through  7 chapters of The Psychology of Stealing, written by the Founder of "THEFT TALK", Steve Houseworth, MA.)

  Writing to your "THEFT TALK" instructor about any questions you may have.  

  Demonstrating your understanding of what you have read. (You will respond to specific scenarios in order to demonstrate that you understood the issues discussed.)

How long will it take?  Everyone is different, we try to go at your pace.  It will not be done in a day or two, remember you have seven chapters to read and corresponding to do.   With these limitations the pace is pretty much up to you.  Be sure to let us know if you have an approaching deadline - we'll try to accelerate our responses back to you.  

Once completed, your instructor will send a written report regarding your completion of this Correspondence Class to your attorney, judge, probation officer, school or other person as requested.

We are here to help!

Click here to get started!  


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